SuperDNA is a rainbow-colored liquid that is often seen in a vial. If a Malleo drinks it he'd become a Sutalleo, and if a Weegee drinks it he'd become a Suteegee. Suteegee and Sutalleo's creation actually involved SuperDNA. Plus it also gives you super power. Suteegee was created when Luigi made a device that would make a Weegee that would destroy all the other Weegees. However, SuperDNA fell into the device turning the Weegee clone into Suteegee. Sutalleo was created in a similar manner, though it is unknown if Mario

SuperDNA out of a bottle

had anything to do with it. He came out as a perfect Malleo clone but Suteegee was there and used the SuperDNA on Malleo, turning him into Sutalleo. Their other brother Caramellio drank an overdose of it so instaed of Sutalleo he became Caramellio. If a Weegee clone drank an overdose of it he would become a Caramuigee, which was created by Dr. Wafalleo. One day Dr. Scientisteegee got a vile of SuperDNA and replaced all the SuperAtoms with his own creation, UltraAtoms, and made Enhanced SuperDNA to power Suteegee 1.9999999. This is made From Weegees pices of his hat and eye juice,Some of Guiyiis hat, a piece of Marreohs hat,Sqeegees DNA, A little bit of Vegetas DNA,Fad Juice and a liitle bit of Chinese dragon and all of that into a Super human Weegee.

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