Staralleo is the brother of Moongee. The story is, Moongee was always interested with the moon. But staralleo liked

This is him, Staralleo. Notice the glowing mustache.

stars better. One day Moongee said that he was gonna fly to the moon. Staralleo decided to fly to a star. When he flew to a star, he absorbed the energy of the star. The star exploded. The star turned into a cold flying object. Staralleo was living there. He used energy of the star that he absorbed to heat himselve. One day when Moongee was talking with Alphaweegee he told him that he had a brother that wanted to fly to a star. He said that maybe he is on a flying object that glows in the night. They flew there and found him. He currently serves Alphaweegees Army. He makes Light Flowers.

This page was made by User:Alphaweegee.

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