"Crazy robot drivers!" ~Squidbob

He's from Spongebob Squarepants: Employee of the Month. Squidbob is Spongebob doing Squidward's Animation. He is friends of Weegee and his cousin is Spongee. Squidbob joins the Krusty Krab Army.

Squidbob creates his clones just like Weegee. He has a disfigured clone named Spongeward Squaretacles, A.K.A. Not Real Squidbob Tentapants. He survived the Bikini Bottom Weegee Liberation.

Squidbob has a Theme Song.

Do you like Squidbob Tentapants? Go here!


Squidbob Tentapants

Squidbob Standing

Squidbob and Frederique attacking Spongebob

Squidbob and Frederique attacking Spongebob

Squidbob's Favorite Restaurant

Squidbob's Favorite Restaurant

Squidbob invading the Barg-N-Mart

Squidbob Invading the Barg-N-Mart

Weegee and Squidbob

Squidbob and Weegee

Toon Squidbob

Toon Squidbob

Fake Squidbob

Not the Real Squidbob

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