Sqeegee is one of Suteegee's friends. He was originally Squidward Tentacles, but after the Weegee Towers incident, Weegee was after him. Weegee finally found him and he, along with Meegee went to his house while he was taking a shower.
The Birth of Squeegee00:40

The Birth of Squeegee

This is how Sqeegee was born

He screamed so loud, he messed up the Weegee Virus and became Sqeegee. He killed Meegee in the Fakegee War. He can send others into a scary eternal vortex. He loves to clean. He was completely killed by Suteegee when using his beam and Sqeegee turned into Demon Sqeegee, but after Sqeegee possessed a weegee, he got revived again.

Sqeegee also has two different forms: Super Sqeegee and Dark Sqeegee. If all 3 forms (including plain Sqeegee) are somehow separated into separate beings, they can fuse into Final Sqeegee. Sqeegee also has many other forms that he either did not use, or only used once.

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