The Squadron of Poop Civil War was a war between Pooser and his Poopa Troopas, and the other member of the Squadron of Poop. Not much is known about the war but it wasn't really a long war or brutal.


One day Pooser was mad because he wasn't getting enough respect. So he gathered all of his Poopa Troopas and declared war on the rest of the Squadron. His army was called "Poosers Army" which consisted of him and his Poopa Troopas. The other group was still called the Squadron of Poop which consisted of Poopeegee, Butteegee, Poopalleo, and Toileteegee. The Squadron of Poop won the war because Pooser forfeited so he had to go back to the S.O.P. and Poosers Army was closed. Nobody was killed exept a few Poopa Troopas. During all the fighting, no one noticed that a Fakegee named ​Mamagee stole all there GeeGuns.

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