This war was between the Squadron of Pee and The Anti-Weegee Alliance.


After Weewee betrayed the Squadron of Pee by joining The Anti-Weegee Alliance, they declared war on them. The battle took place on the Grand Urinal (Peeoming), because Peegee knew they would have an advantage. However The Anti-Weegee Alliance was stronger than ever and after 1 week of fighting they had already killed 2 of their 5 members. (Urineegee and Grosseegee). They fought for another week and then Weewee ended up killing his own brother Weenee.


  • Some say that the S.O.P. lost because they were too confident that they were going to win.
  • Nobody from The Anti-Weegee Alliance died.
  • This battle took place after the Pee and Poop War.
  • Peelleo (Peegee's younger brother) didn't fight in the war because Peegee didn't want him to get killed.

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