The Squadron of Diarrhea is a group of Fakegees who love Diarrhea. They hate the Squadron of Pee and the Squadron of Poop. The members are:

At first the only 2 members were Diareegee and Diaralleo. The Squadron of Pee and Poop laughed at them because of this, so they joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance. Upon doing this, Un Ded (who recently joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance) revived all of the dead members of the Squadron of Pee and they joined the Squadron of Diarrhea. Also, two former Squadron of Pee members (Sewereegee and Weewee) who had joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance are a part of the Squadron of Diarrhea. Even though all members of the Squadron of Diarrhea joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance, the Squadron of Diarrhea still exsits, it's just a Mini Squadron in The Anti-Weegee Alliance.


Pee and Poop War II

Pee and Poop War III

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