Squalleo is the brother of Sqeegee. He was made when a Sqeegee clone was fused with Malleo's DNA by Fuseegee. He can create Squid Flowers. When he says "Squid Flower", you will be turned into a Squid Flower, or you will turned into Sqeegee. He vowed to rise above all beings, including Weegee himself. Squalleo also killed Malleegee, Weegee's great-great-grandfather, making him enemies with Weegee and Weegalleo. He also killed Lalleo for getting more fame, also making him enemies with Malleo. He was recently killed by Super Sqeegee, but Squalleo didn't know that Super Sqeegee is really Sqeegee. Try sayin' that 10 times. The Anti-Weegee Alliance found Squalleo's dead body and revived him into Squalleo II. Sqeegee saw this and he knew he had to do something to get Sqalleo and his name back to normal. Sqeegee built a revival machine and put in Sqalleo II's body and he got Sqalleo and his name back to normal. They later found BralleoBralleoBBBBB's DNA and transformed his essence into Sqeelleo.

Note: Squalleo can only exist due to the reincarnation of Sqeegee, the same reason why there can be Super and Dark Sqeegee existing at the same time as Sqeegee.

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