He's a strange version of Spongebob and cousin of Pahtreek. He hangs out with Weegee and best friend of Pahtreek. His father is Renhaldi and his uncle is Genjaron. He works for Mr. Krahbz.



SpungeBawb 2.0

SpungeBawb 2.0

  1. Sawndeh
  2. SquehdWawrd
  3. Patreek
  4. Ms. Paff
  5. Larreh the Lobster
  6. Whileh the Whale


  1. Sqeegee
  2. SpungeBawb Scwayrepayntz V3.0

    SpungeBawb Scwayrepayntz V3.0

    Td3alleo (Because Spungebawb saw the Phanax Recuitment poster and realized that Sqeegee was apart of it).


SpungeBawb kills Chowdah

It is JUST what it looks like, ok?


The Bombing of the Krusty Krab

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