"Push Start to Sponge!"

"Push start to sponge!" - Spongtran

Spongtran is a Fakegee who was made when Spongebob got the Fortran Virus. Spongebob recovered from the Fortran Virus, however Spongtran remained. His brother is Spongamiicho who is a fusion of a Spongebob clone and Ragamiicho. Spongtran went to prison for no reason, but then escaped. He is friends with Renhaldi, the Spongebob Fortran. He is Spongalleo's father and Spongee's step-father. He does not look like the other Bikini Bottom Fortrans. He was once a minion in Krusty Krab army, but quit when he found out that Spongebob wanted to destroy Weegee. He cannot get the Weegee Virus. Unlike Spongebob, Spongtran is not rivals with Malleo and all the Fakegees, including Weegee and, as Spongebob is rivals with Weegee.

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