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Spongee was a Fakegee that was formed when Spongebob got the Weegee Virus. His sponginess slowed the Weegee Virus down, and in the end, Spongebob (now Spongee) became a Fakegee instead of a Weegee clone, similar to Sqeegee, who ironically, was a "friend" of Spongebob's.

Spongee could shapeshift and change size, but had to keep his sponge appearance. Spongee lived in the blue eye of the United 'Gees Galaxy, right next to Sqeegee. Spongee longed for his best friend Patrick, who never got the Weegee Virus and remained in the mortal universe Spongebob (now Spongee) was freed in the the Bikini Bottom Weegee Liberation. His step-brother is Spongalleo, his cousin is Squidbob Tentapants and his step-dad is Spongtran. He is in 3rd command of the Krusty Krab army. He now can turn into Galaspongee. He has 4 forms. Spongee's boss is Mr.Krabgee. He is the star of his own show, Spongee and is stupid.


Another Form Of Spongee

First Spongee

Another form of Spongee that appeared in the rise of sqeegee 3 when Xeegee and Xuigee used their ultimate attacks