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Spagheteegee. Certainly not a human.

Spagheteegee is a Fakegee with extraordinary cooking talent, especially in the cooking of various pastas, meats, and sauces. He owns a restaurant named Chez Weegee, which specializes in Italian food.


Spaghetteegee was born two unknown parents an unknown amount of time ago, and was raised to be a chef to cater to a small branch Weegee's Army.

At first, he mostly just served up Soylent Weegee and a generic gray slop, but, hoping to boost morale, decided to serve food that was a little less...bland and tasteless, and a little more nutritional and flavorful. After purchasing some fine spices all the way from Chinagee, and used some a variety of pastas in his cooking. These efforts were a resounding success, and introduced a brand new standard in the cooking for Weegee's Army.

Shortly after, he left Weegee's Army and founded Chez Weegee, a restaurant dedicated to serving veterans coming home from the Weegee wars. Service soon extended to cater to civilian Fakegees as well, and was met with positive reviews. Chez Weegee is now known as one of the most popular fine dining restaurants within the United 'Gees Galaxy.