Sooteegee was a young Fakegee that was a fan of Suteegee and wanted to be just like him. Sooteegee dyed his moustache and eyebrows green, and his clothes different colors to make himself look like Suteegee. He then went to Suteegee's house and showed Suteegee his new look, thinking that it would make him proud, instead, it made Suteegee mad. Suteegee then ordered Sooteegee to go back to his normal appearence and stop copying him. From then on, Sooteegee hated Suteegee and became evil, while framing Suteegee for several crimes, and eventually making him go to Fakegee Prison. After that, Sooteegee joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance.

There are rumors that Sooteegee asked Dr. Scientisteegee to make an artificial bottle of SuperDNA so he could be as powerful as Suteegee. It is unknown if these rumors are true. It is also rumored that he is Unspecialygee's brother since he used to look just like Weegee. After Suteegee escaped prison he was prisoned and replaced by him automattically and was very mad when he was in prison.

Suteegee heard about this and was forced to kill Weegee. He then quit The Anti-Weegee Alliance and returned to the United 'Gees Galaxy to help Weegee.

He get killed by Sutalleo, but Unded revived he and he became Sooteegee II

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