The Soldier 2.0

Alternate Soldiergee

Soldiergee is a Weegee clone who serves in Weegee's Army. In spite of the fact that most regular Weegee clones make up the soldiers in Weegee's Army, Soldiergee is a Fakegee soldier. His job is to represent the Weegees in any human war and to make sure the side that the Weegees support wins. He disguises himself as a normal human soldier and reports progress to Weegee. When he is not fighting in a human war, he is on the Weegee's side in any Weegee War. He has more battle abilities than any Weegee clone soldier and is very beneficial to the Weegee's success in most wars. He later joined MamaLuigi22's army as a favor for Weegee. He joined the Trolliversian Union.

Wars Fought

Human Wars

  • American Civil War (No U.S. knowledge)
  • World War l
  • World War II
  • Cold War (The minor wars in it)
  • Iraq War
  • Afghanistan War (temporarily)

Weegee Wars

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