A picture of current Skelemar

Young Sammy

Young Sammy


Sammy as a kid

Skelemar, once Sammy, was formerly Weegee's best friend and is now the founder of Un Ded. He is considered by some to be Weegee's worst enemy.

Early life

Sammy (young Skelemar) was a Fremmlin that grew up in the Fortran Memorial Estates. His parents disvorced when Sammy was 2 and he grew up with his mother. When Sammy started school, he was picked on by the older kids. It was here that he met Weegee . While the duo were picked on for the next two years, they formed a strong friendship, which lasted them up until they were 11. The past 3 years, Weegee and Sammy were actually not picked on when word leaked that Weegee's father was Fortran. Six months after Weegee turned 11, he and Sammy started running for Student President. It was a huge election, lasting another six months. Weegee put no effort in the election, but Sammy gave it his all, so it really shocked him when Weegee won, simply because of his status as Fortran's son. The day after Weegee's 12th birthday (which was also the last day of school), Weegee and Sammy got into an argument about the election. Sammy accused Weegee of not caring and getting in by true luck, while Weegee criticized that a true friend wouldn't get jealous. Sammy got so fed up that he shoved Weegee into a truck, almost killing him. Weegee somehow recovered and tackled Sammy down a steep hill, which led straight to Fortran Nuclear Power Plant. Sammy fell into a vat of radiation and became a skeleton, but also changed his overall body structure to that similar to humans. Sammy was thought to be dead for three years, before people realized that he survived the radiation and became evil, and going under the name Skelemar.

As Skelemar

Despite Skelemar appearing ancient and powerful when he emerged out of the Power plant, he was still 12 years old, as the picture above is of adult Skelemar. Skelemar was created with a deep desire for revenge on Weegee, but he didn't have enough power to destroy him.

The only surviving record of 12-year-old Skelemar