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Siphuary is a strange creature. It resembles a large stem with a mouth on the end of it, and inside is the creature's face. Siphuary was given the Weegee Virus after 80 attempts by Weegee Clones, so now it obeys Weegee.
Mouth Funnel Creature


Siphuary is believed to have come from an accidental experiment, years ago. A horrid fusion of plants and animals, Siphuary was believed to have been blown to pieces, but it survived. Siphuary eventually grew to be huge, and wanted to rule over some land. Unfortunately, the land it chose to try to rule was ruled by Weegee, so Siphuary was tracked and ambushed.

As a Weegee

Siphuary no longer tries to rule anything, instead, it gets deployed by Weegee's Army to scare the enemy. Siphuary sometimes also eats them with its big mouth, but since it has no teeth, this is challenging. As a compromise, Siphuary just decides to eat away at the ground, so aside from warfare, it can also force the enemy to give up be eating all the fertile ground.