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Shygee decided to inject himself with SuperDNA and became Shyteegee. He gained the respective powers of other recipients of SuperDNA, such as Suteegee. Shygee injected himself with SuperDNA, thinking it was a drug. He had developed a drug problem sometime after he found out that Paesh married Malleo.

Recently, Shyteegee took a trip to Australia to ease his secluded and tortured mind. Australleo greeted him loudly, which surprised him. In his split-second moment of fright, his newfound powers went out of control and he accidentally broke all of Australleo's bones and made him explode into a rainbowy aura.

Shyteegee screamed in fear, and started to go berserk. He started an earthquake around him, and his power increased dramatically for a couple seconds. Then he exploded with RAINBOW POWER. 


After he accidentally killed himself, The Anti-Weegee Alliance suddenly found his dead body, he was revived by Un Ded into Shyteegee II. He was upgraded with Meegee II DNA, to make him extremely powerful. 


Berserk Shyteegee.