Shygee went to Lalleo School, and he was very shy. He was almost always blushing. When someone approaches him, he blushes. When someone tried to talk to him, he blushes more. When he saw girls at the beach, he blushed even more. Once, the girl he had a crush on, Paesh, asked him out on a date. He blushed so much, his face turned blood-red, his face swelled, and his head 


Shy Shygee

throbbed. Shygee curled up into a ball, pulled his hat over his head, and whimpered while rocking back and forth. Paesh slowly backed away from him, creeped out.

Later on, he found out that Paesh had dated and married the much older Malleo. He shed a solitary tear, then took as many pictures of Paesh as he could find and put them into an album, and every day, he takes two hours to stare at the pictures over, and over, and over........

Toon Shygee

Toon Shygee.

Poor Shygee...Tsk tsk he is very shy.


Main Article: Shyteegee

Years later Shygee injected himself with SuperDNA and became Shyteegee. He then went on a vaction to Australlia and was loudly greeted by Australleo. Australleo yelled so loud that he had startled Shyteegee and he went crazy and broke every bone in Australleo's body and then exploded in a ranbowy aura. This scared Shyteegee so much that he went berserk and exploded too...

Poor, poor Shyteegee.

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