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Shupa Dimenteegee II

Shupa Dimenteegee II

Shupa Dimenteegee II is the revived incarnation of Shupa Dimenteegee. Un Ded was responsible for this, because they believed Shupa Dimenteegee's power could be harnessed, or the beast itself could be tamed and used by The Anti-Weegee Alliance. This never happened however, because the beast escaped and went into hiding, and has never been heard of for years.

The Living Doomed Theory

Some scientists believe that Shupa Dimenteegee II was not the real Shupa Dimenteegee, and that he was indeed a distraction created by Un Ded to go search for Shupa Dimenteegee. An Un Ded datapad has shown to speak about the original Shupa Dimenteegee being missing, and that no corpse was found.


Diment Eye: Gives people seizure than kills

D Hand: Burns People

Ultimate Dimention: Erases People from Existance

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