Seagee underwater.

Once, Seagee was an average Weegee Clone. On the day he was created, the facility that he was in, was flooded in a great storm. Everyone and everything there drowned, except for him. He learned how to adapt to the water, and soon he was underwater 24/7. He currently lives in any connected bodies of water. Seagee is amphibious, but you can rarely see him on land. He is the founder and leader of the company, SeaGee Industries. After Osama Bin Laden's Dead Body was thrown into the sea, Seagee found it. Then, Fuseegee appeared and fused them into Osama Bin Weegee. Osama Bin Weegee was under Osama Bin Laden's control. Osama Bin Weegee then created a group of Fakegees called The Anti-Weegee Alliance, who want to take over the United 'Gees Galaxy. After two years of being Osama Bin Weegee, Seagee started to take control over Osama Bin Weegee's body, making Oseegee Bea Weegee. Eventually, Seagee and Osama Bin Weegee defused and Seagee returned to the water with his brother Sealleo. He has joined the League of Weegees.