SeaGee Industries

SeaGee Industries logo

SeaGee Industries was a company founded by Seagee that was supposed to help clean up the water in the United 'Gees Galaxy. They also punished Fakegees who did harm to the water or its inhabitants. For example, they turned Fishermeegee into the helpless Fisheegee. Their phone number is 64681, on the Geephone



After Seagee became Osama Bin Weegee, the company was destroyed, and all the other Fakegees in it were jobless except for Spongee, who got a job at the Krustee Krab.

Later On

However recently Osama Bin Weegee became Oseegee Bea Weegee and then split into Seagee and Osama Bin Weegee so Seagee decided to reopen SeaGee Industries and the company was back in buisness.