He'll give u da Scribbawheeo Virus

Scribbawheeo is Scribbleegee's biogical brother and is Scribballeo's friend. This is the result of Fakeawheeo being lazy making a Fakeawheeo. One day Fakeawheeo decided he would make a Fakeawheeo just as strong as him so he scribbled on Scribbawheeo's body. BUT it was for a reason. When Fakeawheeo saw the Wahziis and Walleo bragging about him being strong in front of Fakeawheeo he did not like it so the Fakeawheeos plan for revenge. At 9:00pm the battle would start between the Fakeawheeos and the Wahziis, so Fakeahweeo made Scribbawheeo at 8:55pm, and he did it very fast so he could make him in time. Most Fakeawheeos think Scribbawheeo is an abomination.       

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