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Click on me for Hell!-Sawneek is an evil version of Sonic The Hedgehog, he's Sonic's twin created by Dr. Robotnik to destroy sonic using his Evilizer Cloning Machine. Sawneek's frenemy is Shedow and he's friends with Malleo and Weegee, but they were once bitter rivals. he can transform into Supah form and a Werehog form for all night. he joined Olimon to scare Squidward Tentacles in his house.

Sawneek runs at about 85% of the speed the real Sonic runs at, so he is at a slight disadvantage in that regard. Unlike Sonic, however, Sawneek also has the power to shoot rings lightning from his index finger. Sawneek is joined by Tails Doll, an evil toy who assists Sawneek in his malevolent endeavors

How to Defeat Sawneek
Nes Sawneek

NES Sawneek

It is true that Sawneek can be tricky to defeat, but there is one way you can easily eliminate this crooked hedgehog.
Supah Sawneek

Supah Sawneek

  1. Use magnets to unfasten Sawneek's Speed Shoes. Without these, Sawneek runs slower than molassses. Slow molasses.
  2. Fire copious amounts of pepper spray at Sawneek. This ensures Sawneek will be unable to escape for sure.
  3. Apply Head Shot to Sawneek. This move will kill.

In the feature film The Fartudinous Five - IN SPACE, Sawneek appears as the newest member of the Fartudinous team. Sawneek joins the team after warning the Fartudinous Four (as the team used to be called) of Doctor Robotnik and Doctor Doom's evil plan. Guiyii murdered him. Sawneek abandons the Order of Weegee for a life of crime-fighting with the other members of the Fartudinous Five. In the end, Doctor Doom is defeated, and the Fartudinous team saves the universe from destruction, thanks to their new ally. The film was a box office bomb, and it received negative reviews across the board, dooming its production company. Now he joins the League of Weegees.

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