Not to be confused with the other Sanic.

Sanic Hegehog is a poorly drawn version of Sonic the Hedgehog. He was made when some noob named 0nyxheart drew Sonic then someone brought him to life. His power is when he runs, there is a very loud music, that may be able to kill you.

Sanic is the mascot of MLG, much like Weegee is the mascot of YouTube Poops. He is one of (if not) the main rivals/enemies of Weegee.

Sanic died in Sanic vs. Weegee to ᏔᎬᎬᏀᎬᎬ, Weegee's great-great-grandson. He was later revived by the Chaos Doritos and beat up Weegee until Rick came down and killed them. They both came back to life later.


Sanic is a cheap and lazy drawing of Sonic. He has all features of Sonic but even dumber. His arms are blue instead of skin color.

According to a real-sized Sanic model, he is 31 inches tall and weighs 420 pounds.


  • Super Sanic - This is Sanic's form when he eats the Chaos Doritos, which are mystically powerful Doritos that are supernatural and do weird stuff. He becomes yellow and goes faster and is stronger.
  • Hyper Sanic - This is Sanic's form when he eats Chaos Doritos and smokes weed at the same time. He is far more powerful then Super Sanic and is equivalent to God Weegee.
  • Dankspine Sanic - This is Sanic's form when he drinks grape flavored Mountain Dew. He is at least around Hyper Sanic in power and can only be defeated by Omnipotent beings.
  • Super Sanic God - When Sanic gets MLG power from 5 memes and uses the Chaos Doritos, he becomes Super Sanic God, who is a lot more powerful than Hyper Sanic and can travel faster than 4 million times the speed of light, and has a high power level.

Sanic's HD Form


Sanic in Doge Form

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