Samaweegee is the son of Weegee and Daizeh. He is a multimillionaire and has 8 wives. He has a total of ₩9,000,008,000,009,008 in his wallet (and that is just his wallet!). He is the second richest Fakegee and has at least ₩10,000,000,000 more than anyone else (except Moneygee).

He was born as Samuel Weegee Malleo. Unlike his father and mother, he has no known powers, but presumably, he can Stare (though his Stare would be much less powerful than Weegee's). Instead of the Weegee Virus, Samaweegee can give the Samaweegee Virus, with the Samaweegee Virus, he will turn you into a Samaweegee Clone. He has a cousin named Samalleo who doesn't have as much money as him. He hates Moneygee since he has more money than him.

He recently betrayed his father, mother, brother (Omnieegee) and uncle (Malleo) by joining The Anti-Weegee Alliance and was one of the few of the group who survived after Fakegee War II in an escape pod. it is widely rumored that Samaweegee is named after his father's childhood friend, Sammy, but Weegee refuses to disclose that information. People think Samalleo is the brother of Samaweegee, but Samaweegee is the cousin of Samalleo, that is the truth. He was finally weakened by NourGodly1592 because Samaweegee broke NourGodly1337 Repairing Service. He used to be the leader of The Anti-Weegee Alliance, but later The Anti-Weegee Alliance got disbanded after Fakegee War VII ended.

Toon samaweegee remake

Toon Samaweegee

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.06.05 PM

Samaweegee's old appearence in Malleo is Missing NES.

Nes toon samaweegee

Samaweegees Toon form as he appears in "Malleo is Missing NES"

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