The Super Video Game System, or SVGS, is a video game console for the United 'Gees Galaxy made by Nintendon't. It was made to replace Nintendon't's older system, the VGS. It ws eventually replaced by the Nintendon't Wee.


  • DVG Player
  • LED Power Light
  • 10 hour battery for Remotes (if wireless)
  • Long Remote cable
  • Nintendon't Connect™
  • Broadcasts All GeeVision Channels onto your Weegeevision, even in Al Qeagee territory (Since they found out  they've been too lazy to start a war)

Games (In order of release)

  • World of Weegcraft
  • Malleo is Missing!
  • Wee Bee Jee Gee's Labratory
  • Malleo and Weegee's Epic Dinner!
  • Weegee's Mansion
  • Weegee's Mansion 2
  • Squidbob Tentapants' Undersea Faliure
  • Wheegee's Painting Game
  • Wheegee's Painting Game (Graffitigee Edition)
  • Wheegee's Painting Game (Golden Weegee Edition)
  • Derpington
  • Derpington 2.0
  • Derpington: Return of Derpalleo
  • Derpington Day
  • Shupa Malleo Bros SVGS
  • MalleoKart SVGS
  • Malleo Tennis
  • Weegee's Lotsa Spagetti
  • MalleoParty 
  • MalleoParty 2
  • MalleoParty 3
  • MalleoParty 4
  • MalleoParty 5
  • MalleoParty 6
  • MalleoParty 7
  • MalleoParty 8
  • MalleoParty 9
  • MalleoParty 10
  • Dr. Malleo
  • Dr. Malleo, Medical Showdown!
  • Dr. Malleo 2
  • Dr. Malleo and the Diseased Cookie
  • Sybur Wars
  • Sybur Wars 2: Return of the Dawlekks
  • Hotel Malleo
  • Hotel Malleo 2: The Return of Toastegee
  • Hotel Malleo 3: Mario's Return
  • Weegee X
  • Weegee X 2: The Lair of Mario
  • Weegee X 3: Return of the Meatball
  • Weegee X 4: Meegee X
  • Weegee X 5: Last Resort
  • Cooking Youtube Poop with Pitagee
  • Shupah Deegee Freinds and the Quest for Moar Moneygee
  • Shupah Deegee Freinds and the Quest for Weegee's Old Gym Sock
  • Veegee and Valleo's Epic Adventure
  • Veegee and Valleo's Epic Adventure 2.0
  • Veegee and Valleo's Epic Adventure 3: Search for the lost Peegee
  • Weegeemon Buddyz
  • Fortran Party
  • Fortran Party 2
  • Fortran Party 3
  • Fortran Party WeegeeeGold Edition
  • King Malleo's Quest for The Mega Fremmlin
  • Weenee's Derpitude Dance Party
  • Weenee's Derpitude Dance Party 2
  • Meegee and Freinds
  • Meegee II and Freinds
  • Meegee III and Freinds
  • Meegee VI and Freinds
  • Meegee V and Freinds
  • Meegee 2.0 and Freinds 
  • Toon Meegee and Freinds
  • Semi-Toon Meegee and Freinds
  • Ugly Meegee and Freinds
  • Weegee City
  • Weegee City 2: The Mario Head Invasion
  • Jaffa Cake Factory
  • Ceenee's Candy Canes
  • Ceenee's Lost Candy Cane
  • Ceenee's Cookie
  • Ceenee's Coca-Cola
  • SGVS Settings Game
  • Malleo Kart 9 Deluxe GOTY Edition


The SVGS was named so because of the fact that Valleo, owner of Nintendon't, did not have a good naming sense. It was also a tribute to Veegee (The "VG"), who spent all his time playing World of Weegcraft.

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