Russmarrs2 In the Rise of Sqeegee 7




Russmarrs2 LOOKS BOSS

Youtube Poop The Rise of sqeegee 5 By Russmarrs2

Youtube Poop The Rise of sqeegee 5 By Russmarrs2

Russmarrs2 is the Fakegee that caused the Weegee Towers incident.

He's also the one that made Sqeegee evil in the first place by accident. The only way to create him is if Mario and Luigi are fused together. He's almost as powerful as a God, and can defeat Final Sqeegee by just punching him. He really wants to kill and beat the crap out of Sqeegee. He has also designed the Sqeegee's different forms, his favorite is Final Sqeegee. Now Russmarrs2 is split out of Mario and Luigi's system and looks different. He's also a youtuber. And he created the ROS Series heres one of the series. He fought against Sqeegee after he came back to life, and nearly beat him, but Sqeegee seperated into Final Sqeegee and Hyper Sqeegee, who then fused into Uber Sqeegee. Then Uber Sqeegee absorbed Russmarrs2 and Suteegee X.4 who appeared to try and stop him, but failed when Sqeegee absorbed them becoming Infinity Sqeegee. He was seperated from Sqeegee when Suteegee stabbed him from the inside, and Russmarrs2, along with Goku and Meweegee, killed Sqeegee (who had just been reverted back to Squidward)

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