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Ruijee's toon form

toon ruijee

Ruijee is the anime fakegee who is a plumber. He helps Fakegees to fix the toilet. He is the best plumber ever, like Mario and Luigi. His brother is Jawmpmen, who is also a plumber. He is the uncle of joopmeen.

He is rivals with Emojee.


Strong ruijee

strong form


Jawmpmen(his brother)

Ruijee fighting emojee

ruijee fighting emojee

Jawmpmen is Ruijee's brother and Malleo 's alter-ego or clone, his enemies is Dawnkey Kawng, his girlfriend is pawleen. later he got Malleo's appearancehe and was killed by him. However, he was revived by weegee. He is now Marleoo. (Jawmpmen II)


Ruijee was created when Weegee  learned Japanese. He began to speak it and Ruijee came out. Weegee likes him. He lives in the universe Japangee and Malleo hates him. One day, he ran away from the United 'Gees Galaxy and went to the far away Chinagee. He has many friends. Emojee trieds trying to destroy Japangee and Ruijee stopped him. He has hair like Weegee.

In Chinagee

Ruijee went to the Chinagee and met Communistgee and they became friends friends. Together, they tried to stop Emojee for destroying Japangee and Chinagee.


Enemies and Rivals


  • The Plumber Tool: His powerful weapon.
  • Lotsa Spaghetti!: When he says this word in battle, a giant Spaghetti bomb will pop up and make his Enemies fly away.
  • Plasma Weegee Head: He gets out a cannon full of Plasma Weegee Heads and then throws 1000 at them at his Enemies.