Robo Squeegee

Robot Sqeegee

Robot Sqeegee is a robotic version of Sqeegee built by Plankton. He can shoot lasers out of his eyes (what's new). He wears a Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet, however he is not controlled by it, as Plankton is his master anyway. He only lived for about 10 seconds, because his orders from Plankton were "Destroy anything that gets in your way!" so Robot Sqeegee teleported to a place called Hyrule, and confronted The King. The King sent out his Dinner Bombs using his Dinner Blaster and Robot Sqeegee's head exploded. A replica of it was built, and that replica joined Team Plankteegee.
Robot Squeegee vs king

Robot Sqeegee v.s. The King

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