Reviveegee is a Fakegee that can revive any dead being he sees. However, if he looks in a mirror and somehow dies, or if he had a clone that stared at his dead body, he would not be revived. He accidentally revived a lot of Weegee's enemies, including the entire group, The Anti-Weegee Alliance (except Gelexeegee II), who died at the hands of Pureegee. He then joined Un Ded. One day, he thought he could revive himself, and decided to be a daredevil. He jumped off the top of Mt. Fortran and thought he would survive, but he was wrong because after he fell off Mt. Fortran he looked in the Arabian Sea and he saw Seagee and Osama Bin Laden dead but later he accidentally used the force to make Seagee fuse with Osama Bin Laden and Osama Bin Weegee was born then he revived Rinralleo who also killed Emoeegee.He has joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance because he is in Un Ded. 

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