Reviveegee is a Fakegee that can revive any dead being he sees. This power was given to him by Aagee. However, if he looks in a mirror and somehow dies, or if he had a clone that stared at his dead body, he would not be revived. He accidentally revived a lot of Weegee's enemies, including the entire group, The Anti-Weegee Alliance (except Gelexeegee II, who died at the hands of Pureegee). He then joined Un Ded. One day, he thought he could revive himself, and decided to be a daredevil. He jumped off the top of Mt. Fortran and thought he would survive, but he was wrong because after he fell off Mt. Fortran he looked in Fleegee's dead body and brought him to life, and then he revived Rumorgee. He has joined The Anti-Weegee Alliance because he is in Un Ded but soon after turned neutral after it was disbanded. Soon, he began using the dead bodies to become somewhat like his servants in order for his plans to take over The United 'Gees Galaxy. A example is Richgee.

He seems to have a intense hatred of Deathgee and Grimeegee, most likely because they kill Weegees.