Push enter to Krabby Patty!" - Renhaldi

Renhaldi is the Spongebob Fortran and the relative of Spongtran. He has a power called "Push enter to Krabby Patty!".

When he says it, a couple of Krabby Patties will fall on you. He was made when Fortran attacked Spongebob with "Push start to rich!". His best friend/cousin is Genjaron, the Patrick Fortran. He also thinks he is friends with a boring squid Fortran called Dofred. His teeth are yellow of eating too much mustard. Renhaldi is obsessed with mustard.

"Push enter to Krabby Patty!"

His son is SpungeBawb Scwayrepayntz, his nephew is Pahtreek and is brother is Kialoman.
Toon Renhaldi

Toon Renhaldi