Rainbow weegee

Rainbow Weegee Clones are Fakegees who flash in a rainbow and can be duplicated. They are more invulnerable than Weegee. They have their own duplicated brothers called Rainbow Malleo Clones who were created by Malleo.


They are created by 42eegee when after he learned the answer to life the universe and everything, he figured that now he can create his own Weegee Clones, so he created this program on his computer called 42eegee's Weegee Clone Maker v1.0 that can create Weegee Clones. Kickgee saw him and said that he could create a Rainbow Weegee Clone, so 42eegee did, and that's how the first Rainbow Weegee Clone of 42eegee appeared. 42eegee even made a video of how it's done.

Malleo saw this video and got mad so he created Malleo's Malleo Clone Maker v1.0. But after he posted it online, 42eegee got real angry and told Malleo to delete it, but Malleo refused. Then he said Malleo will have to pay him money for it, and Malleo said it was a deal. So 42eegee's Weegee Clone Maker and Malleo's Malleo Clone Maker were created by each person on the same day. Even Malleo made his Weegee Clones called Rainbow Malleo Clones.