"Push Select to Bonus!" - Ragamiicho

Ragamiicho is the brother of Fortran and the cousin of Mari, Garbon and Boracuubi and Crengalon and therefore a bunch of others. He has joined the League of Weegees.  He has a rage form.

Signature Power

  • Push Select to Bonus - Causes an abundance of bonus levels out of nowhere.

Minor powers

  • Crate - He can throw crates.
  • Fireball - He can throw fireballs.


In the younger days, Ragamiicho and Fortran killed Gorvanjo together, and then Ragamiicho and Fortran became enemies, Fortran threw a crate at Ragamiicho on purpose!! When Fortran became a adult, Ragamiicho came back to life as a adult.
Toon Ragamiicho

Toon Ragamiicho

Ragamiicho pixellized version

Ragamiicho as appeared in Shupa Fortran Bros (in Nintendon't Einteirtaymeint Siestieym)

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