"Push Select to Bonus!" - Ragamiicho

Ragamiicho is the brother of Fortran, Jiawhnuh and Mehriyah, the uncle of Jowioohner, Mahriiyuh, Weegee and Malleo, and the cousin of Mari, Jeeawhnuh, Garbon and Boracuubi and Crengalon and therefore a bunch of others. He has joined the League of Weegees.  He has a rage form.

Signature Power

  • Push Select to Bonus - Causes an abundance of bonus levels out of nowhere.

Minor powers

  • Crate - He can throw crates.
  • Fireball - He can throw fireballs.


In the younger days, Ragamiicho and Fortran killed Gorvanjo together, and then Ragamiicho and Fortran became enemies, Fortran threw a crate at Ragamiicho on purpose!! When Fortran became a adult, Ragamiicho came back to life as a adult.
Toon Ragamiicho

Toon Ragamiicho

Ragamiicho pixellized version

Ragamiicho as appeared in Shupa Fortran Bros (in Nintendon't Einteirtaymeint Siestieym)

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