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Quantum Xuigee 3

Quantum Xuigee in the Rise of Sqeegee 7

Quantum Xuigee

Xuigee's Quantum Form

Quantum Xuigee is a form of Xuigee when he is in Full power and rage at the same time.

This form of Xuigee is highly dangerous and his attacks are Quantum energy blasts. Quantum Xuigee also is as powerful as Aagee.

When Quantum Xuigee is at Full power he can shoot Quantum lasers that do insane damage to enemies. He first attains this form while fighting against Demon Sqeegee. He is a lot stronger than his normal form and has new attacks such as a Beam Sword Slash. This form has a time limit though and cannot last very long, but it remains for plenty longer than other limited forms such as Kaiser Sqeegee.