Qeegee was a member of the now disbanded Anti-Weegee Alliance.

Joining the Anti-Weegee Alliance

Qeegee was formerally part of the Fakegee Union, however he cancelled his membership after his home planet Weegiru II was destroyed by Hypneegee. Shortly after the destruction of the planet, Qeegee made a political rap that basically called Weegee a coward for not doing anything to stop Hypneegee. After it became popular, the United 'Gees government took it off the market in order to prevent Hypneegee protests.

Qeegee was secretly fined for "creating propaganda against Weegee" and most of the money he earned by making the rap. One day, Killagamiicho brought Qeegee into an alleyway, revealed himself, and then promised Qeegee vengeance against Weegee for ruining his life. The naive Fakegee took this promise to heart and joined forces with Killagamiicho by becoming part of the Anti-Weegee Alliance.

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