Toon Puralleo

Toon Puralleo



Puralleo is a form of Pureegee. This is the least used form of Pureegee as he is in fact weaker in this form. Puralleo was said to be a legendary being and brother of Pureegee. These myths were false. Puralleo was in fact Pureegee. One day, Pureegee decided to go back to the United 'Gees Galaxy to see how Weegee was doing as leader. He took on this form so he wouldn't attract attention. Pureegee was unaware of the fact that Puralleo was a legend here. He bumped into a Fakegee named Fleegee, who screamed and ran away, telling everyone he saw Puralleo. Nobody believed Fleegee, and two days later, he was killed by Greegee. Pureegee can summon Pure Flowers in this form. Pure Flowers are the most powerful Fire Flowers and can do anything you command them to do.

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