Preegee is a pink version of Weegee. He was always nicknamed "Flower Boy" and teased because of his pink color. The only person who didn't tease him was Neegee, who was his best friend. However when Neegee moved to the Trolliverse Isles he became all alone. He is a member of Weegee's Rainbow. His brother Pralleo is also pink, though he is somehow not teased by other Malleos. This is propably because pink is like red, a Malleo Clone's color, but it is nothing like green, a regular Weegee Clone's color. He's enemies with Fleegee. He is no longer teased, because one of his only 3 friends (Excluding Neegee), named Shyteegee II, told everybody to stop picking on him, and now other Weegees are nice to Preegee. At that time, Mauleegee was the only one that teased him but later the cops threatened him that if he doesn't stop teasing Preegee, he will go to jail for bullying. Mauleegee was scared and stopped teasing Preegee, in fact, he disappeared without a trace.

Toon Preegee

Toon Preegee.

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