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This is the WEEGEE version of Power Rangers RPM. It all started when a computer virus named Wenjix was created. He was created by Doctah Kay. Then 7 rangers have been chosen to save the United 'Gees Galaxy. Ranger red was Sceegee. Ranger blue was Flynneegee. Ranger yellow was Summerazeh. Ranger black was Dilleegee. Ranger green was Ziggeegee. Ranger gold was Gemeegee. And last ranger silver Gemmazeh. Dilleegee's sister was Tennaizeh. She was turned into a robeegee by Wenjix. Then ranger black saved her.

Birth of Wenjix

It all started when Doctah Kay. wanted to make a project for these people called Alphabet Seegee. It was a security computer virus. Then it planed to take over the world. Before Doctah Kay. could stop the virus, Alphabet Seegee took her away. Wenjix created 2 new bodies. He also created robotic Weegee people.

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