Pre-Alphaweegee After

Post-Alphaweegee after he became Malware and Spyware protected.

Post-Alphaweegee was an artificial Fakegee created by Betaweegee. Post-Alphaweegee was mostly named after his uncle Alphaweegee for many reasons, two of them is because it's the least he could do for his brother and he has the same colors but some of them are swapped. If he eats pie, he goes into his super powerful toon form. He was always bullied by the Fakegees in Lalleo School because unlike other Fakegees, one of his pupils were missing and he was born with no mouth, so he had to speak using a Typewriter. Soon enough, he was able to receive robotic parts to help him. He had to be adopted by WikiContributeegee because his father Betaweegee, began experiencing major depression issues. He has a robotic voice because his mouth is mechanical. Everybody said he looked weird because he had two mouths. His normal mouth which he couldn't speak with, so everytime he opened his mouth it was the normal mouth that opened and what he ate with, and on the right side of his face is his robotic mouth which he speaks with.
Pre-Alphaweegee Before

Post-Alphaweegee before gaining his new parts

Current Pre-Alphaweegee

Post-Alphaweegee during the time that he got Happiness.exe

Post-Alphaweegee's Death

Unfortunately, Post-Alphaweegee died 9 years later, he passed away from a disease called Happiness.exe, soon enough all he saw was a mental image called Happiness.exe, and soon enough blew up. He had no body afterlife so he can't be revived.

Post-Alphaweegee's Revival

Sometime later, Betaweegee and Alphaweegee were on a big hunt for a time machine. Soon they found one and went back in time. They changed his robot armor to Spyware and Malware protected. He later on no longer had to be with his adoptive family so he was sent to live with his real family again. After being pronounced killed, he was removed from Lalleo School, now he goes to Betaweegee's school called AlphaSchool.