Plankton pointing at someone

Plankton is a zooplankton that used to live in Bikini Bottom . (A place now in ruin because of the Fakegee Sea Creature War ) After the war, he moved to a Universe in the Trolliverse that had lots of water covered planets. By the use of space age robots, he easily conquered 18 planets. These 18 planets seceded from that universe and was renamed by Plankton to The Empire of Planktopoli. Plankton has a history of evil. It all started when the Krusty Krab drove his resteraunt, the Chum Bucket almost out of buisiness. Plankton tried to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula until the war, where all of Bikini Bottom was turned into Fakegees except him. (He was too small for any Fakegee to find him) Today, Plankton is trying to conquer the entire Trolliverse by inventing robots. His current project is the Deathulizar Super Robotishinator Thingimabob (DSRT, often pronounced "Desert"). This project is very big in size. The robot will be able to fly through space at post-light speeds, shoot giant lasers, drop large bombs and send deadly gamma radiation. Him and Plankteegee became blood brothers by swapping blood, an they are now family.


  • Fail Robot Sqeegee (aka; Robo Sqeegee): Plankton made it out of trash scraps. It exploded right when it was made.
  • Robot Sqeegee : Plankton invented Robot Sqeegee and commanded it to destroy everything in its path. That didnt turn out who well.
  • Cyborg Sqeegee: A actual decent robot of Sqeegee that was actually a decent threat. Unfortunately for him, the cyborg betrayed him and went on it's own path of destruction.
  • Pre-Alpha Mecha Hydrax: The First Version of Mecha Hydrax
  • Alpha Mecha Hydrax: The Second version of Mecha Hydrax.
  • Beta Mecha Hydrax: The Third version of mecha Hydrax.
  • Gamma Mecha Hydrax: The Fourth version of Mecha Hydrax.
  • Delta Mecha Hydrax: The Fifth version of Mecha Hydrax.
  • Theta Mecha Hydrax: A powerful Version of Mecha Hydrax
  • Omega Mecha Hydrax : The fusion.
  • Zeta Mecha Hydrax : A back-up version of the Mecha Hydrax.
  • Mecha Hydrax : Plankton created Mecha Hydrax,a mechanic Hydra,after various versions.
  • Plankteegee:  Plankton created 10 clones of himself, all dead,with the exception of one......he escaped and got the Weegee Virus,and now he and plankton have a single army: The Plankteegee army!