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"If you don't like-a da pizza, then get outta my store!"


Pizzagee By Cheesegee

Pizzagee is a Fakegee that, hence his name, loves pizza. He somewhat is a young Fakegee being only in human years 23. He is the brother of Pizzaleo and the son of Cheeseburgeegee. His favorite type of pizza is cheese.



When he was born, his mother (Unknown) disappeared. When he was five years old his father bought him a slice of pizza (Cheese of course). Upon tasting, he instantly fell in love with pizza and took his father's credit card to buy 20 more slices. Of course, Cheeseburgeegee punished him by grounding him for 5 months. This made Pizzagee develop a big fear of wrongdoing, which made him pure-hearted. After his grounding, his little brother Pizzaleo was born. Pizzagee and Pizzaleo loved each other very much. Pizzagee, out of love gave Pizzaleo a slice of cheese. For his eighth birthday, he was given a pair of overalls with pizza on the front pocket and a hat with a piece of pepperoni instead of an L. He was bullied for his obsession with pizza and his only friend was Pizzaleo. He later founded the Food Army.