This form was made when Fuseegee fused Pureegee and a Chroneegee clone. This form exists for unknown reasons, as Pureegee still has complete control of time in his normal form. Some people say this form is actually a fusion of Pureegee and Chroneegee, either fused by Transfeegee or Pureegee himself. Some people thought it was a different Weegee God, and brothers with Purexeegee (Pureegee's form resembling Galaxeegee). Though later evidence proved this wrong. Also, it was later found that in this form, along with Purexeegee, Pureegee's "!" on his hat is replaced with the standard "L".
Toon phroneegee

Toon Phroneegee

Toon Phroneegee has a reversed L like the other Toon Fakegees and an !

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