Peenee is a fakenee that likes Pee and replaced Weenee in The Squadron of Pee. He is another brother of Weenee.

Recently he have a battle with his brother Weenee IV, the win of Weenee conditioned Peenee, he can join the Squadron of Diarrhea, or remain a member of the Squadron of Pee. His Brother is Peeylleo, he is an enemy of Peehee and Heenee, he was once sniped and killed by Heenee with a plastic sniper after Peenee annoyed him, but Pollie Polie revived him and she ordered him to join The Weegee Killers.

He moved to Sky Gee HtraE to do some work operations there, he was later captured by Hitser and was taken to his homebase, but Samaweegee's pirate group saved Peenee.

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