Peegee is a Fakegee that loves pee. He was the lieutenant of Weenee. He used to be second-in-command of the Squadron of Pee under Weenee but after Weenee was killed in the Squadron of Pee War he took over, with Urinalleo as the new second. He hates Poopeegee and the entire Squadron of Poop. Ever since the Squadron of Pee War he has been trying to get the Squadron of Pee back together but has had a hard time with it. He has thought of merging with different armies/squadrons such as the newly formed Squadron of Diarrhea, however, they are in partnership with The Anti-Weegee Alliance. He has also thought of closing the Squadron of Pee but the other members did not approve. Peegee's brother, Peelleo made a deal with him. Peelleo said if he would make a loan to the Squadron of Pee if 20% of the money they made went to Deagea. Peegee approved, and now the Squadron of Pee is getting back on track. He is cousins with Urineegee and an enemy of Peehee.

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