The Pee and Poop War II was a war between the Squadron of PeePoop, and Diarrhea (Part of The Anti-Weegee Alliance).


This war started when The Anti-Weegee Alliance sent Diareegee and Diaralleo to diarrhea on the Squadron of Pee and Poop's HQ's. When they found out about this they declared war. Although the Squadron of Diarrhea attacked both the Squadron of Pee and Poop they did not team up since they are enemies.

The Battle of the Boots

The Squadron of Pee and Poop had set out to the boots were the Squadron of Diarrhea's HQ was and attacked it. This battle didn't last long before Weegee told them to not fight in the United 'Gees Galaxy since it wasn't his army fighting.

The Second Battle of Peeoming

They moved the battle to the Grand Urinal (Peeoming) and decided to keep the war there. The war wasn't in the Squadron of Pee's favor even though Peeoming is said to be rigged to give them an advantage. The Squadron of Pee had only 3 members while the Squadron of Poop's had 8 members (along with 1000 Poopa Troopas) and the Squadron of Diarrhea's had 7 (two being cyborgs). After 1 brutal week of fighting the Squadron of Diarrhea had brought in a nuke to drop on Peeoming. The Squadron of Pee and Poop were able to escape, however the Grand Urinal was destroyed, which had made the Squadron of Pee mader than ever.

The Battle of the Island of Diarrhea

The three squadrons landed on the Island of Diarrhea, and island located south of Pooptana. The squadrons continued to fight until at one point Butteegee and Farteegee had chased Diareegee up to Mount Diarrhea, a volcano in the center of the island. As Butteegee and Farteegee were about to throw Diareegee into the volcano Poopalleo had came to help or so they thought, until he pushed Butteegee and Farteegee into the volcano. The two melted in the lava as Poopalleo helped Diareegee up and he told him that he had joined the Squadron of Diarrhea.


The war ended with the Squadron of Pee and Poop giving up. The Squadron of Diarrhea had also tooken Diapeegee  as a prisoner.

Fakegees In The War

Squadron of Pee

Squadron of Poop

Squadron of Diarrhea