The Pee and Poop War was between the Squadron of Pee and the Squadron of Poop.


The war started when Butteegee snuck into the Squadron of Pee's HQ and went poop into one of their urinals, so the next day they declared war of the Squadron of Poop.

The Battle of Peeoming

The war first took place at the Grand Urinal. This battle was known as The Battle of Peeoming. The Squadron of Pee won the battle. Some say they won because Peeoming is rigged so the Squadron of Pee would be stronger. After the battle the Squadron of Poop retreated.

The Battle of Pooptana

The war later moved to the Grand Toilet (AKA Pooptana) This battle was known as The Battle of Pooptana. The Squadron of Poop won that battle. During the battle Toileteegee betrayed the Squadron of Pee and joined he Squadron of Poop. Some say this is how they won the battle but others say Pooptana is rigged so they would be stronger.


It kept going on like this until both sides gave up and the war ended. It is known that these two will fight again in the future

Fakegees In The War

Squadron of Pee

Squadron of Poop

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