After a few months of peaceful coexistance after Pee and Poop War II, the Squadron of Vomit and the Squadron of Diarrhea declared war at the Squadron of Pee and at the Squadron of Poop,these two,though bitter enemies,they had to form an alliance.

The Battle of New Yoop

The first battle was at the giant toilet, New Yoop ,even if the lead,the fight to 'last of Vomiteegee and Poopeegee was interrupted by a giant ball of vomit,created by Vomitalleo, Sickalleo and Sickeegee;they both teleported in time, however the entire toilet was destroyed.

The Battle at Island of Diarrhea II

The ensuring buttle was one of Diarrhea Squadron and the Squadron of Pee, while the squadron of vomit kept the squadron of poop at the Vomitaly peninsula.That battle was on the island of diarrhea, the volcano was off. Butteegee II and Farteegee II sent shots of diarrhea from sky with advanced weapons of The Anti-Weegee Alliance.This time the victory was of the Squadron of Pee, albeit at as a disadvantage and with few members, used a brilliant strategy by dropping into the craters all members of the opposing team,fortunately, the lava was capped and did not die.

The battle of Vome

The Last battle was just on peninsula of Vomitaly to Vome,the squadron of vomit created an ingenious trap,attracting all' and two squads in the center of the city,surrounding them and then trowing powerful rays of vomit, both squads, is that pee and poop, lose.But the squadron of vomit did not kill them,but they teleported in a prison at the The Anti-Weegee Alliance base, even if one month later they are excaped.

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