Peacegee is the only good Fakegee made by Terrifiregee. He was supposed to be a double agent/spy for Terrifiregee in order to counter Deceivegee, but he ended up betraying him and escaping. He uses his abilities for peace now, and he is very, very peaceful. Terrifiregee considers him a failure and wants to destroy him. He managed to escape from the Pure and Demon War since he knew that the Pure Ones would try to kill him anyways. He lives on the north of the United 'Gees Galaxy.  


Peacegee, as you might guess, is a very peaceful Fakegee. The only thing he feels hate for is Terrifiregee, and even then, the force of that hate is not as much as it might have been if he wasn't so peaceful. His goal is to create peace throughout all universes.


  • Flight: Peacegee can fly. Fast.
  • Warping:  Peacegee can teleport anywhere.
  • Telepathy: Peacegee has telepathy, and it's stronger than usual in Fakegees. This was to allow him to communicate with Terrifiregee.
  • Photographic Memory: Peacegee has an amazing memory that remembers every single detail of every single thing that ever happened to him or anything around him.
  • Death Stare: if he wants, he can kill someone by looking at them. However, this is not long range, and he also never uses it, because he's so peaceful.

    Peacegee, and his peaceful Aura