Parteegee is a Weegee clone that loves to party. He is completely good, except for the fact that he will do anything for a party, and he sometimes goes crazy if he gets drunk at parties. Most Weegee and Malleo clones always wear their hat. So does Partegee! But instead of a Weegee hat, he has a custom party hat. He is the oldest Weegee clone, because, technically, every day is his birthday. He has at least 23 billion parties a day. Yes, and one of those is his birthday party. There used to be a Malleo clone named Partalleo, but he died in a car accident after going crazy with party fever. Parteegee had two choices, go to his brother's funeral, or go to an awesome party. You can guess which one he chose. Actually, he decided to host a party at his brother's funeral, which makes no sense, but hey, he and his former brother like partying.

His son, Holidayeegee, won a battle against Mauleegee in the Lalleo School, partying for 5 hours and tired his enemy. PARTY TIME.

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