Seagee recently encountered the dead body of Osama Bin Laden in the North Arabian Sea. Then Fuseegee appeared and fused Seagee and Osama Bin Laden's dead body, making Osama Bin Weegee. Fuseegee to Osama Bin Weegee to the United 'Gees Galaxy. When there, Osama Bin Weegee asked Weegee to help him fight the USA. Weegee, who had been to Earth before, thought that this was a useless cause and denied Osama Bin Weegee's request. Infuriated, he declared war on Weegee, and went to the Fakegee Union for help. The Fakegees were divided on the issue. Some wanted to defend Weegee and refuse giving help. Others wanted to help Osama bin Weegee and go to war against Weegee. This issue split the Fakegee Union apart permanently. In the end, the pro-Weegees created the A.A.Q.W.F, led by Weegee, while the pro-Osama Bin Weegees started The Anti-Weegee Alliance, led by Bin Weegee. Its goal was to take control of the United 'Gees Galaxy, and then Earth. All this time, Osama Bin Weegee was under Osama Bin Laden's control, not Seagee's. Eventually, Seagee took over and Osama Bin Laden became Oseegee Bea Weegee. Sealleo was sad like Sadgee, since Seagee turned into Osama Bin Weegee because he was a human. Later, Seagee and Osama Bin Weegee split. Osama Bin Weegee remained leader of the Anti-Weegee Alliance with his partner Maolleo until he was killed by Suteegee...

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